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You may have noticed a polished concrete floor at a "big box" retailer or a polished and stained concrete floor at your local coffee shop. More and more builders, architects, and facilities managers are discovering the flooring they have been seeking for years.  A floor  that is extremely abrasion resistant, easily cleaned, does not require waxing, and is attractive. They were probably surprised to discover that it was the same concrete they have been putting floor coverings on top of for decades. 
New advancements in technology now allow Dry&Green® to densify a concrete floor through a process of diamond grinding and application of chemicals to a hardness much greater than that of a common concrete slab. The result is an extremely hard surface with a beautiful shine requiring very simple maintenance.

If you have a floor need and are considering whether polished concrete would be the right fit please explore our webiste and take advantage of the resources here.

Click on the link below and try out different design color and finish combinations for your next project.


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Dry&Green® specializes in polishing concrete and professional floor preparation. Our customers are commercial, industrial, educational, warehouses, manufacturing, retail, government, and high end residential. As a result of our extensive experience we work with owners, architects and specifiers during the specification process, with general contractors from the time they are awarded a project through the polishing process, and finish with maintenance guidelines for owners.

If you are a facility / warehouse owner or manager looking for solutions to concrete dusting, spalling, joints, low light or failing coatings we have permanent low maintenance solutions. Dry&Green® offers Continuing Education presentations for architects and general contractor specific presentations upon request. For more information on specifications and technical data log in to our wesite and visit the “Architects Specifiers” section.

Dry&Green®, recognized for delivering product and project excellence, provide mechanically polished concrete flooring solutions to lend a design and performance edge to your project. Dry&Green®, delivers high performing, low maintenance, long term and cost viable alternatives in its polished concrete offerings.

With our extensive concrete polishing experience, and state of the art, high production equipment, we have the ability to handle large scale concrete polishing projects in a timely and professional manner.  We strive to stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding technology, which is why we are dedicated to continuing research and development of polished concrete. We are constantly improving our concrete polishing processes and standards to hone our craft and exceed our customers expectations.

Diamond Concrete Polishing

Dry & Green missions for a Dry, Dustless, and Environmental approach in maximising overall sustainability, comfort and effortless maintenance of your flooring-environment.

Should you evaluate diamond polished concretefor your current project or rather stick to your current system, we will always help you prepare the existing subfloor.

Anyhow, see what you yourself could do with polished concrete and play around in the DESIGNER ...