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Dry & Green provides a complete flooring system that protects your floor for the lifetime of your building. Our products, when used as a system, create an unsurpassed floor in wear resistance, surface aesthetics, and sustainability. We’ll protect your building from the ground up … think of us as your guardian of the structure.

Curing and Sealing

Concrete that has been properly cured allows for optimum hydration. Hydration is a chemical reaction between the mixwater and the cement in the concrete. The hydration reaction begins immediately once the mix water comes in contact with the cement, and continues for many years after the placing of the concrete. Proper curing produces concrete that has increased durability, abrasion resistance, impermeability, and strength development. Proper curing will decrease cracking, dusting and spalling. For proper curing and sealing on concrete floors, use InTelliSeal (Mx).

This product is also our favorite for outside application!

We will supply you the services of professional application as well as sell you the product for direct application. But please be aware while application technique listens critical to local circumstances.

Densifying and Hardening

To create an attractive concrete surface that will last the lifetime of your building, a proper densifier and hardener is recommended. Densifying and hardening the floor will create a more durable surface, while also providing a high sheen, lustrous appearance. Using a densifier and hardener goes one step beyond simply curing and sealing; it ensures a long lasting, sustainable, durable, abrasion-resistant floor. To create this surface, we use InTelliSeal (Li)

Concrete Enhancement

After using a densifier, the floor needs a certain amount of time to cure before it attains its maximum stain and damage resistance. This is a crucial time in the concrete floor’s construction, as permanent damage could result if chemicals are allowed to contact the floor at this critical stage. At this point, a quality concrete enhancement product is recommended to provide immediate stain resistance. Also, using a concrete enhancer creates a surface that maximizes the amount of durability, stain suspension, and abrasion resistance. To fulfill this need, InTelliSeal (Microfilm) is applied to the surface.

InTelliSeal (Microfilm) will also create a sheen on non-burnished surfaces.

Concrete Coloring and color correction

When even proper concrete finishing techniques don't please the end customer, DO NOT break apart your concrete floor or even DO NOT cover your floor with an artificial product. The InTelliSeal Color System will always bring you the right solution for less money than any other alternative.

Over all those years we have been pushing our company to higher standards we have gathered several concrete color restoration techniques that are equal to none. All our systems are concrete penetrating, thus becoming part of the original concrete, some are even film forming, and therefor a solution for any problem. But all of them respect the specific aspect of concrete without becoming a 'plastic like' paint or other cover.

Penetrating and non-filmforming: InTelliSeal (Tint) and InTelliSeal (Colorhard)

Penetrating and filmforming (even covering up aggregate): InTelliSeal (Solid) ColorStain


And finally, combined with exceptional skills in diamond polishing, we apply these products for new as well as during renovation of concrete floors, teach and supply maintenance products and services to your inhouse maintenance teams, and you can call yourself the proud owner of an InTelliFloorTM flooring system.