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You may have noticed a polished concrete floor at a "big box" retailer or a polished and stained concrete floor at your local coffee shop. More and more builders, architects, and facilities managers are discovering the flooring they have been seeking for years.  A floor  that is extremely abrasion resistant, easily cleaned, does not require waxing, and is attractive. They were probably surprised to discover that it was the same concrete they have been putting floor coverings on top of for decades. 
New advancements in technology now allow Dry&Green® to densify a concrete floor through a process of diamond grinding and application of chemicals to a hardness much greater than that of a common concrete slab. The result is an extremely hard surface with a beautiful shine requiring very simple maintenance.

If you have a floor need and are considering whether polished concrete would be the right fit please explore our webiste and take advantage of the resources here.

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As one of the most innovative and economical flooring options available today, polished concrete flooring is leading the market in warehouse, retail, and decorative facilities across the world. From showrooms to industrial plants, government buildings to retail facilities, diamond-polished concrete floors are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing phenomena to ever hit the industry.

Our specialty is polished concrete, and we provide over the whole Benelux countries, part of Germany and France, quality concrete polishing services to architects, facility owners, engineers and general contractors.  Our unique diamond polish process has enabled our company to become the largest polished concrete provider still taking pride in manual edge work, smaller jobs and detailwork in residential environments.  In addition to polished concrete, our services include decorative work, terrazzo and natural stone polishing, joint filling and repair, flatwork, floor preparation, crack repair and rehab demolition. We can even provide turn-key concrete polishing solutions for your new construction projects, reducing your risk and ensuring quality and satisfaction, every time.

Diamond Polished concrete (which we name InTelliFloor (Native Dutch Site)) is a mechanical grind and polish process that utilizes industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish & finally seal the floor from within the interior of the concrete surface. In addition to its extensive life cycle and cost efficiency, polished concrete floors offer a number of benefits, including LEED compliance.

There is nothing more powerful than seeing the concrete polishing transformation in person, which is why we offer mobilized concrete polishing demonstrations to show you what it can do for your facility.  Just pick out your worst, highest traffic flooring areas and prepare to be amazed at polished concrete.

InTelliFloor concrete gloss system

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