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Concrete floors are critical elements in any industrial facility. This is particularly the case in high-bay warehousing, where high tolerance, very flat floors are essential for the efficient operation of the materials handling equipment used. We understand the importance of correctly designed and installed floors, often referred to as Super-flat floors. However, not all facilities need such Superflat specifications, and therefor we provide advice to Clients and end-users to ensure that the floor tolerances specified are appropriate to their requirements. This not only enables the most cost-effective solution, but also one that will require minimal long-term maintenance.

We are experienced in the specification and refurbishing of flat floors in accordance with Concrete Society Technical Report 34, DIN 18202, DIN 15-185, Belgian TV204, NEN-standards, all ASTM standards (including the Fmin specification).

This piece of our web site provides an introduction to our wide range of services in industrial logistics floor treatment.

For existing facility operators, we'll ensure your concrete floor is always providing maximum performance. For new construction, upgrade projects and refurbishment, we provide a comprehensive package including 3-Dimensional floor flatness surveying, site wide concrete floor repair services, floor surface grinding and polishing minimizing maintenance and costly failures.

Flatter floors lead to faster and safer warehouse operation, minimizing truck and floor failure, thus save you large amounts of money in the long run.

Floor Flatness Specifications
As the demand for faster, more efficient warehouse technology increases and truck developments continue, floor flatness standards help to contribute to warehouse operators peace of mind. There are different types of flatness specification for Free Movement and Defined Movement floors.

Floor flatness Surveying
We built experience with all kind of surveying equipment and floor grinding machines. The biggest challenge is binding practice of the remedial grinding to the technical survey that has been done upfront.

Therefor we developed a complete other approach in surveying and were able to close this gap between theory and practice.

Through the use of a very sophisticated Robotic Total Station solution, the complete survey is done, a reference to the building is question is built, so that when remedial grinding is to be performed, the Total Station in a new setup, is referenced again to these backsights and re-entered into this virtual space. Then grinding takes place following the theoretically developed 3D Model.