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InTelliSeal (Tint)


InTelliSeal Color Tint on concrete



InTelliseal (Colorhard)

InTelliSeal Colorhard on concrete


InTelliSeal (Solid) Colorstain

Dry & Green has partnered with an American company who originated the concept of colored staining.  The custom manufactured modified polymer, water-based, high quality concrete stain has made old ugly concrete look new again.  Our InTelliSeal (Solid) ColorStain is NOT a paint. It penetrates the surface of porous concrete and forms an opaque (solid), breathable finish that requires no sealer.

This Stain can be used to restore previously colored surfaces or to rejuvenate old, tired-looking concrete by completely covering discolorations or stains. It can be used on concrete flatwork, vertical surfaces, concrete blocks, pavers, imprinted concrete, exposed aggregate, and many other cementitious (stampcrete) surfaces. It can also be used with sandblasting stencils. It is perfect for use over micro-toppings and overlays.

With over 80 colors to choose from our product can accent your homes curb appeal and finish a custom look not imaginable with any other products. 

Concrete is not cheap, but can be a good investment due to its longevity. It certainly adds value to a home and property. It provides a functional surface for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and more. You can increase the life of concrete by performing regular cleaning maintenance but most homeowners don't.

InTelliSeal (Solid) Colorstain on concrete

Dirt, mold, grime, irrigation rust, and other natural contaminants will collect on concrete in a matter of time. At Dry & Green, our years of experience have given us the skills necessary to clean and restore concrete surfaces effectively for great results. Our concrete cleaners and color stains rid your cement surfaces of unwanted stains and gets your concrete looking new again using our special re-juvination product line.

A Dry & Green treated concrete often looks better than freshly poured concrete, you can even change colors. A bright concrete surface adds to the appeal of the entire property and gives it a new look.


  • Bare untreated concrete
  • Broom finished concrete
  • Power trowelled concrete
  • Pre-cast concrete that has lost its original color. You would be amazed about the results we can obtain.

Because we know about surface treatment, as well as preparation and finishing work, we can offer you the best available fix for your problem !