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Grinding & Polishing Preparation

The grinding process is provided by diamond, tungsten or resin bonded discs or plates which are secured to singular or multiple heads and rotate in a circular motion.

There are machines designed for wet or dry operation and to tackle a wide variety of applications from fast grinding on uneven or tough surfaces to producing highly polished finishes.

Diamond grinding creates the perfect profile for thin to medium build flooring systems. Then it is a “Dry Method” of concrete surface preparation. Floors, coating and sealers can be installed immediatly. Diamond grinding can remove existing floor coatings, carpet glues, tile adhesives and paint from concrete without damaging concrete cap.

We would select grinding to:

  • Smooth and clean concrete, asphalt, stone and terrazzo and for the application of specialist materials.
  • Remove paint and coatings, thin adhesives, latex and levelling compounds.
  • Polish terrazzo, granite, marble and concrete surfaces

The type and size of the machine selected will determine production rates achievable and degree of profiling required for the specified material to be applied.

All grinding machines are designed to be used with dust extraction.

There are numerous surfaces suitable for grinding:

Large area concrete grinding

  • You must always consider the composition of the substrate when selecting the type of Diamond to use
  • As a general rule the harder the surface the softer the diamond
  • There are many general purpose diamonds available on the market but when addressing partially hard or soft composition substrates, the selection of the correct diamond plate is critical
  • Grinding can be applied effectively to concrete, stone, terrazzo and asphalt


  • Planetary Grinders can be fitted with an infinite range of different grades of diamonds, resin bonded and PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) shoes
  • Single, Double and Triple Head Grinders use different grades of standard diamond plates each with varying properties.

Ride on concrete grinding unit

Key considerations:

Grinding an uneven surface will skim across the high profile and not touch the lower ones unless the surface is reduced to the lowest composition first.

Sticky compositions may prove difficult to remove and merely redisperse the material rather than remove.

Certain types of machines may exhibit a swirling effect on the surface.

The profile requirement for the material being applied must be considered.

Grinding large concrete or ashphalt surfaces

Please take a look at the other preparations methodes that could even better suit your needs:

- Milling / Profiling

- Scarifying / Scabbling

- Planing / Levelling

- Shaving / Grooving

- Shot Blasting

- Scraping / Demolition

- Sealing