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Shotblasting Preparation

Shot Blasting is the industry-recognised method of preparing concrete floors. It’s a one-step surface preparation technique that removes, cleans and profiles the surface in a single application. It can effectively remove laitance, paint, old coatings, dirt and other contaminants that are in or on concrete. This process will prepare new concrete or steel for coating applications and will enhance and improve the bond for any type of coating system. Shot Blasting is a dust-free method of surface abrasion in which thousands of steel shot particles are propelled at the surface removing the top layer and contaminants and bounce back into the system to be recycled. The steel shot profiles the surface, while contaminants are removed by the dust collection recovery system.

We would select shotblasting to:

  • Texture and clean concrete, asphalt or tiled surfaces
  • Remove paints and sealants
  • Create adhesion for the application of a wide range of surface finishes
  • Key bridge decks and roads for surface dressing and waterproof systems
  • Prepare steel (Commercial and Swedish Standard SA2 ½

The type and size of the machine selected will determine production rates achievable and degree of profiling required for the specified material to be applied.

Dry & Green’s shotblasting machine model numbers refer to the width of the blast pattern created by the machine i.e. 250mm, 500mm and 550mm.

Our newest addition to the range of shotblasters is a self powered ride-on unit which blasts without the traditional known tram- or tigerlines. This unit is exellent in the cleaning and preparation of larger concrete surfaces on parking decks, bridges ...

Ride on shotblaster

Surfaces suitable for shotblasting include:

  • Any hard composition surface that does not exhibit multiple layers of materials or contaminants. i.e. Concrete, Steel, Terrazzo.
  • Asphalt surfaces – Note:- with all bitumous compounds, heat and size of the area must be considered.

An infinite range of profiles are achievable via this process, determined by the grade or size of shot selected and the speed at which the machine is propelled. Note:- large machines are manufactured to use large grade shot.

The debris is collected in the “collector” – a vacuum unit for disposal, and the shot reclaimed for continued use.

Key considerations:

Due to the nature of the normal operation, Shotblasting will produce a lining effect commonly know as tramlining. This can be minimised with operator experience or special machinery. Our ride-on unit with special blasting head will not show any tramlining !

Shotblasting will highlight surface defects in the surface being prepared. This is particularly important to note when applying to old concrete.

Shotblasting parking deck

  • Soft composition screeds
  • Sticky/bitumous materials
  • Materials in excess of ½ mm thickness

Shotblasting cannot be applied to wet or damp conditions.

For optimum results, Shotblasting requires a smooth even surface.

Steel abrasive (Shot) will escape from the machine when operating on uneven surfaces.

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