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Schaving Preparation

The Schaving operation is based on a drum rotating at very high speed within the body of the machine. The profile (cut / texture) is created by the accessories fitted to the drum known as sawblades or full diamond drums.

We would select this vibrationless schaving technique to:

  • Remove materials in excess of 1mm in thickness i.e. latex, screeds, adhesives, contaminants and multiple layers of old coatings
  • Reduce tamped surfaces
  • Reduce levels

The profile created by the process and drum configuration should always be considered.

There are numerous surfaces suitable for schaving or grooving:

Grooving concrete

  • Schaving is often specified for removal of high build coatings, thermoplastic compositions, surface contaminants in excess of 1mm, latex and polymer screeds.
  • Creating anti-slip surfaces by cutting thin lines in the floor
  • Creating profiles for safety lines that cannot be removed anymore. (permanent lining)

concrete safety grooving profile

There are different blades available for specific tasks and they can be randomly arranged on the drum for different specific applications.

Key considerations:
Most important advantage is the fact that application is nearly without vibration to the subfloor and therefor very well suited to use in sensitive environments.
The composition and thickness of the substrate, the accessories selected and the profile and depth of cut attainable from the model and type of machine selected, will determine the results achieved.

diamond shaving ashphalt

Please take a look at the other preparations methodes that could even better suit your needs:

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