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Scraping / demolition Preparation

In the Scraping operation, the blade or pick combinations are attached to the front of the machine to affect the removal process. The weight and position of the blade/pick determines the removal level of the selected surface. The operator will position the machine to cut or lift the material as the machine drives forward.

We would select multi-stripping to:

  • Remove floor coverings, ceramic and stone tiles, vinyl, carpets and laminate flooring
  • Remove latex, screeds and epoxy resin, thermoplastic lines, adhesive and bitumous materials


Stripping parking deck coating system skidsteer

Surfaces suitable for multi-stripping:

  • A wide range of floor coverings can be removed with minimal effort using the multi stripping method.


  • Flexible steel cutting blades (various shapes and sizes)
    • Flat blades - for removal of tiles and screeds
    • Curved blades - for removal of sheet material, carpets and vinyl. Blade cuts as it strips
  • Heavy duty cast picks – for removal of hard ceramic and quarry tiles

Stripping parking deck system low weight

Key considerations:

The type of material to be removed, including composition and thickness, and whether it comprises of singular or multiple layers.

The weight and download applicable to the process.

Power requirements of the machine specified.

The working environment and access.

Parking deck demolition limited weight

Demolition of rebar and concrete

Please take a look at the other preparations methodes that could even better suit your needs:

- Milling / Profiling

- Scarifying / Scabbling

- Planing / Levelling

- Shaving / Grooving

- Shot Blasting

- Grinding & Polishing

- Sealing