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Not all concrete is a good candidate for processing and polishing. When working on existing concrete, results are largely dependent on the quality of concrete a contractor is given to work with.

Most existing commercial concrete that is of sufficient strength and finished in a manner (with a trowel machine) that will allow for excellent results.

Variables such as aggregate, colour variations, miscellaneous contaminates, cracks, patterns left by previous floor covering, existing stains, nail holes, patched areas and flatness can affect the final appearance and results.

On new projects final results are significantly improved when the concrete slab is poured within specifications that lend itself to the processes. When planning for a processed concrete application it needs to be viewed as a total flooring system that includes several components – concrete mix design, finishing and curing methods, control joint placement and the processing/polishing process. When there is an opportunity to specify all components do not look at concrete processing as a single stand alone component. A slab poured within a concrete polisher’s specifications will eliminate a significant number of variables and provide improved finish results over an existing finished concrete slab.

Polished Concrete in Logistics

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