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Concrete floors are increasingly becoming the material of choice and a design statement in their own right. This centuries old material is evolving as an artistic medium which provides unparalleled advantages in design flexibility, longevity, low maintenance, hygiene and cost effective flooring.

Dry & Green’s polished concrete solutions are versatile enough to realize any vision of what a home can be. While it is ideally suited to modern contemporary homes and apartments, polished concrete is moving outside of these applications into a much broader range of home styles. Residential environments provide a unique and ideal opportunity to simultaneously turn a seemingly grey or neutral floor covering into a high performance and design oriented flooring option tailored to complement individual living spaces.

We know that creating your new home or renovating your existing one is exciting. So irrespective of wether it’s a new or existing concrete slab Dry&Green’s industry certified diamond polishing techniques can transform its raw rough surface into a marble like finish with the following benefits

Residential polished Concrete

  • Beautiful, natural and seamless appearance
  • Longevity and durability
  • Highly Abrasion resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • No wearing off or discolouration over time (not a coating)
  • Price competitive
  • Low allergenic
  • Enhanced internal lighting due to reflective properties of floor
  • Radiant heat through utilization of the concrete slab’s thermal mass
  • Environmentally friendly

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