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Planing and levelling

For many different reasons concrete floors can become unlevel or shift and become wavey. They can develop humps and spall which can create problems for flooring contractors such as tile setters trying to lay tile or for equipment operating in a factory setting.

At times using concrete overlays can be a solution to an unlevel floor but at times it is neccessary to lower the height of the concrete to get it level. Let us know about your problem project and we might be able to deliver just the solution you need.

In case planing or levelling is the objective, several techniques will be combined to achieve the best end result in the most profitable way.

Techniques that even can be combined are:

- Milling
- Scarifying
- Shaving
- Grinding

Our concrete shaver has a full diamond head drum allowing us to shave down your concrete in fine increments to just the height and level you require. Or just put our real special planing devices to work, that can mill or grind with millimeter accuracy the unwanted thickness away.

Planing or levelling concrete

Laser-guidance of the machines most of the time is part of the overall solution.

Please take a look at the other preparations methodes that could even better suit your needs:

- Milling / Profiling

- Scarifying / Scabbling

- Shaving / Grooving

- Shot Blasting

- Grinding & Polishing

- Scraping / Demolition

- Sealing