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Cracks happen. Joints expand. It's a fact of life.  Blame it on shrinkage (sorry, but all concrete shrinks).  These problems won't fix themselves.  And ignoring them will only end up costing you more money!

Dry & Green provides a permanent solution to floor problems, creating floor surfaces that never require replacement, re-application, re-coating, or waxing.

Four Step Process towards Achieving Permanent, Durable Floor Repairs:

  1. Determine the cause(s) of the floor's deterioration.
    Before a floor can be repaired, it is imperative to determine the underlying causes in order to determine the best long-term repair strategy.

  2. Select the appropriate floor repairing material.
    It is important to choose the repair material(s) best suited to meet the requirements of the facility's operations. Considerations may include traffic usage, vehicle loading and types, building temperature, time allowed to perform repairs, etc.

  3. Prepare the defect.
    The key to achieving long-lasting repairs is making sure the edges of the defect are
    defined and the defect is cleaned properly prior to filling with repair material.

  4. Ensure finished repair is flush with the floor.
    The goal in any floor defect repair is to restore a smooth, continuous transition across the
    floor surface. To achieve a flush profile, repair materials should be placed slightly
    higher than the floor, then shaved or ground flush with the surface.

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