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Customizing your floor even after installation is a valuable option. We have gathered a few examples below showing possibilities of color application, grinding depth, gloss variation and diversification in saw patterns etc...

Do you like the Zen minimalist look of plain concrete?

Applying the InTelliFloor™ process to a plain concrete floor brings out all the sensual beauty of the material.

Do you want to add some colour?

Just bare in mind that printed colour charts can only approximate the real product. When you have an idea of what you want contact us and we can meet with you in person to show you the full range of manufactured samples.

Decide the level of aggregate exposure you desire

Everyone has a different taste. A steel trowelled floor has the subtle variations of colour that come from the natural curing process of concrete, which means that being a natural product made by hand, no two slabs will ever look the same. Like making a great espresso coffee or bottle of wine, its part science and part art, which is just the way we like it! A salt and pepper finish is the first toe in the water of exposure, deepening by degrees to full exposure of the stone, which can look like a floor scattered with gem stones.

How much shine do you want on your floor?

We can make the same floor with high gloss, gloss and matt finishes. We can also provide low slip surfaces for outside and bathroom areas and still have the same integrated look throughout your home.

So play around in the design area below, make some choices in the menus, and explore the possibilities of diamond polished concrete...